• Flexible course scheduling
  • Maximize your work hours
  • Take up to 3 college classes tuition-free
  • Mentorship from career coaches
  • Post-graduation planning

Our current structure of education and job preparation leaves far too many students without viable career options, employers without valuable and competent workers and school systems without engaged, graduation-ready students. It’s time for new solutions that will help propel our students, employers and school systems in the right direction. At TAWS, we provide innovative and individualized ways for students to achieve success, while allowing employers and school systems to meet their development goals.

For Employers

Employers recognize that a degree alone does not ensure a student will arrive in the workforce prepared to achieve success in their career. Apprenticeships allow employers to cultivate favorable work outcomes from inside their own business, developing employee skills and competency. Through TAWS, employers can expect to:

  • Retain and cultivate young and skilled employees for hard-to-fill jobs
  • Employ students with the ability to work flexible hours
  • Staff your day shifts
  • Help your student workers balance work and school

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