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What are apprenticeships?

  • Apprenticeships are jobs with structured on-the-job and classroom training and predictable pay increases, leading to permanent careers. To assure quality for employers and employees, apprenticeships must be approved by and “registered” with the US or state Department of Labor.
  • They are often associated with the building trades because the construction in the US has long had standing high quality apprenticeships. But, today in the US and other industrial countries such as Canada, the UK, and Germany, apprenticeships are successful in IT, health care, hospitality, public services, and many other occupations.
  • Maryland has two types of apprenticeships governed by State Department of Labor: Youth Apprenticeships for high school students with part time jobs and Registered Apprenticeships which can be for high school student and high school graduates
  • The major advantages for apprenticeships compared other education and skill training pathways are:
    • young people earn money as they learn skills
    • academic knowledge is integrated with applicable skills
    • employers recruit and train employees for their high demand jobs
    • young people save on college costs

For background information on apprenticeships, click on US DOL FAQ.

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