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Counselors want their students to graduate from high school with the skills necessary to pursue vital and valuable careers. TAWS provides you with an alternative avenue to help your students increase school attendance, student engagement, graduation rates, and academic competency.

How does TAWS help you and your school?

  • Develop working relationships with employers
  • Provide a highly engaging program and a flexible schedule for students
  • Engage students with increased adult work experience and career coaching
  • Provide solutions for life changes

TAWS works for your students who are:

  • Ready to advance gradually to college courses and work experience
  • Working to support their families who need a more flexible schedule
  • Prefer online learning
  • Want to start or end the semester at a different time than other students
  • Pregnant and/or parenting

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about TAWS?
Review our Frequently Asked Questions for Guidance Counselors.
If a student comes to me expressing interest in the program, what should I do?
When a student comes to you inquiring about the program, you are welcome to share the information about TAWS on the flyer we’ve supplied you. If you prefer, feel free to have the student or parent/guardian get in touch with a Program Manager from TAWS at 410-905-2743. Once the student understands the program and is aware of the expectations, they can apply online through our website. 
Can I help the student with the application process?
Yes. Counselors are encouraged to support students while completing the online application. In fact, counselors can provide specific information during that time that students may not be aware of. 
If my student has an IEP or 504 Plan. Are they eligible to join?
Yes. Having an IEP or 504 Plan does not disqualify students. Counselors should provide students with an updated copy so that it can be provided during interview. 
What happens after my student has submitted an application online?
After your student has applied, a TAWS representative will contact you and the student promptly. The TAWS representative will ask detailed questions about the student to determine if they are a good fit. Thereafter, the student and parent will be contacted for a meeting at their home school. This meeting will include student, counselor, parent/guardian, and a TAWS representative. During the meeting, the counselor will provide a copy of their student’s transcript so that needed courses can be identified. Registration forms will also be completed at that time. 
Will I receive updates on my student’s progress?
Yes. Counselors will receive an update each week on their student’s progress. The update will be in the form of a progress report. The report will identify current grades, missing assignments, and assignments below 70%. It is important that students are aware that counselors are still involved in their academic careers and will be with them every step of the way.
Can students receive supports from their home school?
Absolutely. Students are concurrently enrolled. This means they are able to take advantage of all opportunities as their peers that remain in school.
Can students enroll at any time during the year?
Enrollment into the program is on a rolling basis. However, counselors help us determine when their student should start the program so as not to interfere with any courses or programming the student may be involved with at the time of enrollment in TAWS.
If a student is pregnant and not working, can they enroll?
Indeed! We understand that each student is different and situations change frequently. In some cases, a student may need special programming in order to fit their new situation. TAWS is able to support counselors with providing solutions to schools to best aide their student. 
Are all MCPS high school courses available online?
No. Pearson Connexus does not offer all courses. However, the courses that most seniors need are available. A course catalogue will be provided to each counselor before a meeting is scheduled. The purpose of the initial call from a TAWS representative is to ask questions while identifying courses needed so that we ensure it is available.
How do I code a TAWS student in Oasis?
Once students have been accepted into the program, an email will be sent to principals and counselors from the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs with course codes. 

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