Work More Hours

Finish YOUR Senior Year on YOUR Schedule


The Tranzed Academy for Working Students (TAWS) serves working high school seniors, giving them the flexibility and customized support needed to fulfil their work obligations while completing their high school graduation requirements.

TAWS features:

Flexible course schedule to accommodate working hours
Tutoring and academic support
Career coaching and networking
College credit
A support network for employers to design apprenticeships


TAWS seeks to support working high school students by providing individualized scheduling and planning that allows them to pursue career and college ambitions.

Where We Serve

TAWS is currently for high school seniors in Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools.



For Students

TAWS provides students who would like to work more hours the opportunity to complete their high school graduation requirements in a variety of ways. This work-school balance ensures that students stay on track for graduation while receiving valuable experience and training on-the-job.

For Educators

TAWS provides scheduling solutions for students balancing school and work. This helps educators maintain student engagement, commitment and focus while ensuring that students can maintain the work schedule they require.

For Employers

TAWS allows your high school senior employees to work the hours that better meet your staffing needs. Our program helps to increase employee retention and allows employers to increase workplace efficiency and competency through apprenticeships.

TAWS Partners

Creating vital change in the way our nation views education and job readiness requires great partnerships. TAWS wishes to thank and acknowledge all of our partners: